Refractive Surgery Team at the U-M Kellogg Eye Center

You can count on our physicians and technicians to answer all of your questions and to give you a clear-cut assessment as to whether refractive surgery is a good option for you. Be assured that you will be treated by a physician with experience and specialty training.

Refractive Surgery Physicians

Dr. Christopher Hoold 

Christopher T. Hood, MD

Dr. Hood sees patients in Ann Arbor and Grand Blanc. To make an appointment with Dr. Hood, call 734-764-4190.

Dr. Shahzad Mian

Shahzad I. Mian, MD

Dr. Mian sees patients in Ann Arbor. To make an appointment with Dr. Mian, call 734-764-4190.

Nambi Nallasamy, MD

Nambi Nallasamy, MD

Dr. Nallasamy sees patients in Ann Arbor. To make an appointment with Dr. Nallasamy, call 734-764-4190.

Dr. Roni Shtein

Roni M. Shtein, MD, MS

Dr. Shtein sees patients in Ann Arbor. To make an appointment with Dr. Shtein, call 734-764-4190.

Dr. Kaz Soong

H. Kaz Soong, MD

Dr. Soong sees patients in Ann Arbor. To make an appointment with Dr. Soong, call 734-764-4190.

Dr. Alan Sugar

Alan Sugar, MD

Dr. Sugar sees patients in Ann Arbor. To make an appointment with Dr. Sugar, call call 734-764-4190.

Bradford L. Tannen

Bradford L. Tannen, MD

Dr. Tannen sees patients in Ann Arbor and at the West Ann Arbor Health Center. To make an appointment with Dr. Tannen, call call 734-764-4190.

Dr. Maria Woodward

Maria A. Woodward, MD

Dr. Woodward sees patients in Northville. To make an appointment with Dr. Woodward, call 734-764-4190.


Ophthalmic Technicians

Erin K. Manno, C.O.T.

Erin K. Manno, COT, OSA


Erin is the lead ophthalmic technician in the Refractive Surgery Service where she has been a member since 2012. Before joining the Refractive Surgery team, Erin spent 10 years as an ophthalmic technician in Kellogg's Glaucoma Clinic.

In her role as lead technician, Erin handles evaluations and provides surgical assistance and post-operative care. She also assists faculty at seminars on LASIK and other refractive surgeries.

Erin has worked in health care for 16 years, spending 3 years in nursing before moving to ophthalmology. She was trained on the job and has earned her C.O.T. (certified ophthalmic technician) certification.

Rebecca Lewkowicz

Rebecca Lewkowicz, COA


Rebecca joined the Refractive Surgery Service in August of 2017 as an ophthalmic technician. She is responsible for evaluations, post-operative care and also provides surgical assistance. She completed an on the job training program within the Kellogg Eye Center and has earned her C.O.A. (certified ophthalmic technician) certification.

Prior to joining the refractive surgery team she worked as a dental hygienist for 3 years after earning a Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan.

Stephanie Preston

Stephanie Preston


Stephanie joined the Refractive Surgery Service as a medical assistant in April 2014 and is responsible for scheduling, surgical assistance, post-operative visits, and daily clinic needs such as handling calls and emails about LASIK at Kellogg.

Before joining Kellogg, Stephanie spent two years as a receptionist at an orthodontist’s office in Chelsea. She also has worked in the after-care program at Summers Knoll School in Ann Arbor. Stephanie is currently working toward her associate’s degree in liberal arts at Washtenaw Community College.