Refractive Surgery (LASIK)

LASIK, Phakic Intraocular Lenses, LASEK, PRK

For many people, refractive surgery offers tremendous benefits: clearer vision and freedom from – or reduced dependence on – glasses. But, there is a lot to consider before you choose refractive surgery or any other form of vision-correcting surgery. First, are you a good candidate for the surgery? Which of several procedures is best for you? What are the risks?

We hope these pages will help you find answers to these questions. As you gather information about refractive surgery, we believe you should consider these important points:

  • The screening appointment is essential. Check out the Screening Appointment page to learn about the extensive tests we perform to help determine if refractive surgery is right for you. We perform these screening appointments at our Ann Arbor office.

  • Your surgeon will see you at every visit – from screening to follow-up. At Kellogg, the doctor you see at your first visit is the same one you will see at your last.

  • You can expect your surgeon to have solid experience and specialized training. As part of a respected teaching and hospital system, our physicians are trained not only in refractive surgery but in all surgeries and conditions of the cornea.

Questions? Ask Us

We invite you to review these pages to learn more about your options in refractive surgery. We're always pleased to answer your questions by phone or e-mail – 734-615-5274 or [email protected].