Ptosis (Drooping Eyelid)

What Is Ptosis?

Ptosis (pronounced "toe-sis"), or droopy upper eyelids or eyebrows, is caused by weakness of the muscle responsible for raising the eyelid, damage to the nerves that control those muscles, or looseness of the skin of the upper eyelids. It appears at birth (congenital) or develops with age (involutional).


  • Droopy upper eyelids or eyebrows
  • Decreased superior visual field or need to lift the eyelids or eyebrows to see better
  • A child with congenital ptosis may tilt his/her head backward in order to see better

Treatment and Drugs

When the droopy upper eyelid causes complaints of decreased superior visual field, the suggested treatment is surgery.  For children, surgery is commonly recommended in the preschool years to make it easier for children to see and to improve appearance.  The type of surgery varies, depending upon how much the eyelids droop.

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Reviewed by Hakan Demirci, M.D.