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PACU nurse named Kellogg Employee of the Year

Karen Badyna, R.N., was named 2016 employee of the year at the Kellogg Eye Center. A clinical care nurse in the post anesthesia care unit (PACU), she sets the bar high for the quality of post-surgical care delivered to Kellogg patients.  

An Ohio native, she earned her BSN in nursing from the University of Toledo. She started her nursing career at the University of Michigan Health System in 1990 in pediatric cardio-thoracic care, a role she evolved in over 16 years. Next was the Spine Program and in 2010 she joined the Kellogg team.
Professional, approachable, responsive and respectful to all staff and patients, she effectively communicates the needs of patients and uses a collaborative approach with the team. Her knowledge and skill set is an asset to the department, as well as serves as a resource for others.
She is excellent in the charge nurse role, and is well-liked and respected by her peers and the surgical and anesthesia staff. 
A world traveler and runner, she is known for her combination of skills, personality and pride in care.
Congratulations to Karen who is a premier example of what the profession of nursing is all about.

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