Patient Questionnaire for the IMT

  • Are you greater than or equal to 65 years of age?
  • Is it impossible to read and recognize faces without the help of visual aids? (Visual acuity between 20/160 and 20/800)
  • Do you have age-related macular degeneration (AMD) disease that cannot be treated in both eyes?
  • If you have wet age-related macular degeneration, was the last treatment more than six months ago?
  • Are you free of other vision threatening eye diseases (besides well-controlled glaucoma)?
  • Do you have a cataract in at least one eye?
  • Would you participate in a visual training and rehabilitation program in Ann Arbor both before and after implantation of the telescope?

Potential participants must answer ‘yes’ to ALL the above criteria in order to schedule a screening examination. Additional criteria will be assessed during a series of screening examinations with doctors from the IMT team.

If you have answered yes to all the questions, please request a screening appointment with Dr. Grant Comer by calling Wendy Mrdjenovich, program coordinator, at 734-232-8404.