Giving to the Kellogg Eye Center

When you give to the UM Kellogg Eye Center you give the gift of vision to a child, a parent, a colleague.

Your gift may support a research program aimed at new treatments for blinding eye disease. Or it may support a named professorship held by a physician-scientist whose research in the lab complements her work with patients.

Your gift may be a way to honor your physician directly or through a special fund, such as the Paul R. Lichter, M.D., Vision Research Discovery Fund.

Private giving can often make the difference in the success of a particular program. It may provide funding needed to test a promising concept or provide additional support for an established program, all of which can accelerate the pace of research.

Where is your help needed most?

A gift to the Kellogg Eye Center can help to support:

  • Research on diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy
  • Early detection of childhood eye disease
  • Genetic testing and genetic counseling for individuals who have inherited eye diseases
  • Facilities and programs that will enable us to attract the best and the brightest vision scientists and ophthalmologists

Kellogg development officers will be pleased to discuss our programs with you. They can suggest ways of giving that best suit your needs and interests. Contact a Kellogg Eye Center development officer for more information.